Everything I Love

Everything I Love
Born and raised in Texas. So of course my teams are the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. <3 I love Texas, it's a great place to live. School has taken over, so between that and it being baseball season I don't have time for anything else. Totally don't mind though. ;) Family, friends, God, and school are my top priorities.

They’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The Rangers had a great game last night, they won 14-3. :)

And tonight they are winning 5-0 at the bottom of the 4th.

And and and Hamilton has only been up to bat twice and both times he has hit a 2-run homerun! <3

Then Beltre hit a homerun right after Hamilton’s 2nd 2-run homerun. <3

When the top of the 3rd ended, I then proceeded to run through my house yelling “THE RANGERS ARE BACK!! THEY ARE DOING SO WELL AGAIN!! MY BABIES ARE BACK!!”

Did I also mention that Nefty is pitching well tonight?! :)

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